With more than 200 different retailers large and small, Pike District is a regional shopping destination providing a mix of top national retailers as well as independent boutiques and service providers.

To discover your shopping options, simply use the database below to search by category. When your results are displayed, click to discover details about each retail location.

Dana Bazaar Grocery
12215 Nebel Street Google Maps
Tel: (301) 231-7546
David's Beautiful People - Hair Salon
12121 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: 301) 881-2540
Hair Salons & Barber Shops
Davidus Cigars
11632 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: (301) 881-1103
David’s Bridal
12268 Rockville Pike Suite F Google Maps
Tel: (301) 881-1112
Clothing, Accessories, Shoes & Furs
DayCon Cleaning + Maintenance Supplies
5330 Marinelli Road Google Maps
Tel: (301) 231-7085
Office Supplies
Deiner’s Fine Floors
5052 Nicholson Lane Google Maps
Tel: (301) 881-2586
Furniture, Carpets & Flooring
Della Luce
5852 Hubbard Dr Google Maps
Tel: (240) 731-9247
Clothing, Accessories, Shoes & Furs
Diamond Exchange USA
11136 Rockville PIke Google Maps
Tel: (301) 230-1212
Dollar Tree
1776 E Jefferson St #201 Google Maps
Tel: (301) 816-4960
Dream Wizards
11772 Parklawn Drive Google Maps
Tel: 301-881-3530
Games, Hobby, and Toys
Dry Clean Expo
11130 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: (301) 881-7411
Dry Cleaners & Tailoring
Dry Clean Plus
11530 Rockville Pike E Google Maps
Tel: (301) 231-9445
Dry Cleaners & Tailoring